2022 Paint Colour Trends

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It is that time of year to observe the trends in home style and design (and really everything!). 

One of the most anticipated is the release of the “Paint Colour of the Year” as forecast by the major paint manufacturers.While sometimes these colours do not catch on to the degree that the producers wished – it is still interesting and fun to know what they see as the colours that are likely to be desired.

How they determine this is quite a detailed process.

Through extensive research, survey and observation – they arrive at colours they believe are reflective of the mood, times and feelings of people.

As you may well imagine, this is not an easy determination!

In addition to just the colours, some manufacturers establish themes to describe the colour mood and then present a colour name to correspond to that theme.

Here we briefly present the 2022 Colour of the Year as indicated by several paint manufacturers.

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s selection for 2022 is:

Aegean Teal

This dreamy blue-green mid-tone colour has an undertone of gray. 

The intent of the green is to give the feeling of wellness while the blue is to provide a calming effect; gray gives it a modern finish.


The overall theme for 2022 according to PPG is: 


PPG believe this colour closely relates to our collective feelings of hope and renewal in a post-pandemic world.


Like other paint manufacturers, the colour green seems to have a place in 2022. 

They have selected:


As Behr expresses it:

“A relaxes and uplifting sea glass green expressing peace and tranquility for forward movement.”

Graham & Brown

Leaning toward a more palette, Graham & Brown chose their colour of 2022:


The company stated that:

“Our colour of the year 2022 truly is a breath of fresh air! Breathe is a soothing mid blue, perfect for creating calm and peaceful spaces which is exactly what we all need for the year ahead.”

Sherwin Williams

They have taken a bit of a different theme in highlighting Old World charm and new world reality.

Their choice:

Evergreen Fog

The emphasis is on freshening up a space in a subtle and soothing way.

Farrow & Ball

This British manufacturer has chosen an array of paint colours that are in the primary palette.

F&B expressed:

“The collection features a strong emphasis on primary colors, each possessed of a certain retro playfulness.”

Breakfast Room Green


Stone Blue