6 Classic Furniture Styles That Will Never Go Out-of-Style

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While many furniture styles come-and-go – there are a few of them that have stood the test of time.

As their exact interpretations have varied over the years’, their central features have remained the same.

In our opinion, these are a few everlasting furniture pieces that continue to bring function, beauty and style to home interiors. You will never have to doubt them as part of your fashionable interior.

Louis XVI Chairs

The simplicity and refinement that are the features of these chairs, continue to be featured in foyers, hallways, bedrooms and living rooms. Popularized by the extravagance of Marie Antoinette during the reign of Louis XVI, these chairs will never completely go out of style. Part of the Neo-Classical style, these chairs show a fluted leg with a boxed rosette. This is likely due to the fact that anything royal, has a staying power with people who value design.

Upholstered Headboards

Starting in the Victorian era, upholstered headboards were considered luxury and comfort for any bedroom. A padded headboard can be finished in a variety of fabrics with colours and patterns to enhance. The reason they have lasted to the present day is they look stylish and elegant, but also provide a practical way to sit-up in bed.

Wingback Chairs

The functionality of Wingback chairs was to envelope the chair occupant with heat from a fireplace from the “wingbacks” on either side of the chair. Although this feature is not as necessary today, the style and comfort of Wingback chairs are prevalent. They also are one of the most recognizable chairs in the furnishings repertoire. Interestingly, newer designs of Wingback chairs seem to be a combination of traditional curves together with more recent shapes and lines. Moreover, they never seem to loose their appeal.

Canopy Beds

The nostalgic and timelessness of this furniture still has a popular theme: romance and luxury. The history of the Canopy Bed beckons back to its noble beginnings for it became known as the “bed for Kings.” The idea of using drapery to enclose around a bed for privacy, provides for instant eye catching flair. Traditional designs reveal opulent fabrics, patterns and colours while modern versions only show the frame and are void of the drapery. Even so, the captivating quality and allure of the Canopy Bed will never disappear.

Chesterfield Sofa

Those of us in Canada (and Great Britain) may recall the interchangeable use of the word “Chesterfield” which referred to the living room “sofa.” The name draws from Lord Philip Stanhope, the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, who actually requested the piece to be designed. The Chesterfield Sofa was reportedly created to allow men to sit comfortably, while not wrinkling or creasing their suits. The Chesterfield presents a low back, tufted surface and high arms. It often is made of leather, but it can be made from other materials. This definition has come to be known as an elite class of fashionable furniture.

Windsor Chairs

Another English creation, the Windsor chair has both an understated elegance, combined with a practical appeal. The curved frame and hooped back were held together with slim spindles throughout. These chair never go out of style and they are still popular in England and North America. However, more contemporary interpretations aimed at comfort are available.