7 Tips to Beautifully Arrange Furniture

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Space planning furniture in rooms is not as easy at it may seem.

There is a great deal that goes into creating a sense of proportion, balance and functionality in any room or space.

However, there are a few guidelines that will help to achieve a sense of continuity and physical flow that will heighten any area above the ordinary. Try them for yourself!

Always Take Measurements.

Correct measurements of a space will ensure that furniture will fit properly into it. There is nothing worse than trying to position furniture around that simply doesn’t fit. Moreover, purchasing furniture is made difficult if it is unknown whether or not the room can accommodate it. If there is to be a combination of current furniture mixed in with newer purchases, the layout can be especially challenging. Accurate room measurements will avoid any of this from occurring.

Choose a Focal Point.

Deciding what element or item in the space that you wish to draw attention to, is very important to a well focused interior. While it sounds complicated, it really isn’t. Ask yourself: does the space have a dominant feature such as a fireplace or a window that gives spectacular outside views? Is there a piece of art or furniture that has a particularly interesting or unique characteristic that should be central to the room? Once this is decided, then you can build the other room items around it. A focal pint helps to give the room structure.

Take Furniture Inventory.

A cozy and homey environment is one that has elements that work together. To start, decide which pieces that you are going to keep in the room and then you can choose which you will need to purchase. Afterwards, your furniture decisions can be made according to what accentuates the items you already have and the style you are wanting to achieve. If you need help in determining your style look here. What if you have pieces that you really want to keep but can’t fit into the original room? Try placing them in storage for later use.

Consider Traffic Flow.

Rooms that have too much furniture will feel cluttered and hinder moving about. Give consideration to clear walking paths that make it easy to walk through. Generally, there should be at least 30 inches between sitting areas. Remember that direct traffic should be around furniture, not through it! A good rule is to ensure that you can freely walk from one end of the room to the other and keep clear of obstacles.

Establish “Conversation Areas.”

In order to for quality conversation and social interaction to occur, seating areas need to face one another, usually no more than 8 feet apart. Further, these areas should be strategically placed around with a view of the focal point. Make sure that guests can speak without shouting. If the room is large, then create more than one conversation area. Be careful not to push furniture up against walls as it will make the space feel cramped and confused.

Consider Size & Balance.

Don’t group large pieces of furniture together; likewise with smaller ones. This will make the space look out-of-balance. For example, you may place dining chairs at the ends of the dining table and along one side. Then show a beautiful accent bench on the other side of the dining table. This arrangement will result in symmetry and proportion, while also providing visual interest. Be sure to vary the shapes, sizes and colours of textures to provide additional balance.

Level Lighting.

Lighting should be in different layers and from variable sources. Ceiling fixtures provide overall lighting and decorative ambience and give any space a polished look. Small table lamps also provide this effect and can provide task lighting for specific purposes, such as reading. Floor lamps are perfect as task light, particularly if they are behind a piece of furniture and provide a direct light for reading or performing crafts. Art, sculpture and other decorative features can be beautifully accentuated with direct, spot lights. Together, all of these lighting levels will bring a pleasant and useful array of light.

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