Colour Consultation

Residential & Commercial Properties

Selecting paint colours can be a challenge as there are so many options to choose from. The style and look of the space that you are wanting to achieve is made possible with the optimal choice of paint colour.

Commercial Properties.

  • Selecting paint colours for walls, ceilings, doors and trim that are business brand appropriate.
  • Incorporating brand colours, designs and logos.

Our Colour Consultation will make any commercial interior reflect its brand and make its presence known.

When selecting paint colours for commercial spaces, there are several factors that should be considered.

These include: the desired interior style and the architecture, where the business is located (for example, industrial area or historic, etc.) the business type and brand to be presented – all have to be considered when choosing paint colours for a commercial space.

Additionally, the surroundings of the building, the landscape and the persons who will be using the space – that is, is it just for employees or will there be customers, clients or investors in the space.

Residential Properties.

  • Selecting paint colours for walls, ceilings, doors and trim that suit your overall style and decor.
  • Discovering wallpaper colours, patterns and designs, including customized choices.

Are you finding that selecting paint colours is more difficult then it first seemed? 

The fact is it is not easy to choose colours appropriately.  Factors such as room layout, shape and size can affect the way colours look.  In addition, the amount and intensity of natural light, can change the hue and shade of a colour. 

Moreover, there are thousands of paint colours to choose from!  That is why many homeowners prefer a professional colour consultation for their home interior.