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colour consultation

Are you finding that selecting paint colours is more difficult then it seems?  Are you hesitant about your ability to select interior finishes with your builder or renovator?  Likely, professional guidance would help.  Our Colour & Finishes Consultation will help you to make home interior decisions that can otherwise be a challenge.

The fact is sometimes it is not easy to choose colours.  To clarify, other factors such as room layout, shape and size can affect the way colours look.  In addition, the amount and intensity of natural light, can change the hue and shade of a colour.  Moreover, there are thousands of paint colours to choose from!  That is why many homeowners prefer a colour consultation for their home interior.

Therefore, you may wish for professional help with your colour choices.  Similarly, an informed opinion about selecting your interior finishes (see below), can be very beneficial.   The number of interior finish choices together with the need for them to coordinate with the overall interior style, is important.  As a result, we make the outcome of your home interiors their best.  This service is a popular way to obtain our home interior design expertise. In addition, you may also be interested in our interior styling inspiration.

This service provides assistance with:

  • Choosing appropriate cabinetry and related finishes.
  • Selecting countertops and tiling (backsplash).
  • Determining which appliances, hardware, sinks and faucets will suit your interior style and finishes.
  • Deciding on flooring choices that are most suitable for your lifestyle and decor.
  • Selecting ceiling and wall light fixtures so they coordinate together and are a suitable style and size.
  • Obtaining a second opinion about other interior finishes in relation to your home style.
  • Selecting paint colours for walls, ceilings, doors and trim that suit your overall style and decor.
  • Discovering wallpaper patterns and designs, including customized choices.
colour and finishes selection

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