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Our Complete Home Styling & Decorating Service creates the home interior that you wish. Our objective is to make your home truly your own. Above all, your home interior should look and feel special. However, with this service, you do not need to carry out any of your home interior decorating. Simply, we present our ideas to you for your approval. Afterwards, we take care of bringing your home interior styling together.

You may have specific ideas about the home interior style that you wish. However, you may prefer to discover an entirely new interior style. Either way, we work with you to uncover your best home decoration style.

We complete your home decor in the colours, patterns, textures and furnishings that suit you and your lifestyle. In addition, we select decorative accessories specifically placed to complete the home interior design style that you desire.

The Process

The process for the Complete Home Styling & Decorating begins with discussing your timeline and budget for your home interior. Then, we need to know what areas of your home interior to be completed.

Next, we determine your style. Firstly, we achieve this using our Signature Style Process. This is a straightforward and fun process that helps us to understand your particular interior design style. We use a variety of techniques to uncover your best home interior design. Secondly, together with you, we decide the best interior style for your specific tastes and aesthetic. Thirdly, we discuss what exactly the scope of work will be. This may include some or all of the following.

Possible Inclusions for Complete Home Styling & Decorating:

  • Paint / Wallpaper: we choose paint / wallpaper that will best suit your interior style. Of course, colour, pattern and texture are the main focus. In addition, we arrange for proper installation and finishing.
  • Complete or Partial Updating of Furnishings & Accessories:
    • re-upholster specific pieces of furniture, as desired
    • purchase new furniture
    • bespoke furniture
    • window coverings
    • carpets and area rugs
    • fabrics
    • art
    • accessories (lamps, ornaments, mirrors, etc.)
    • plants & greenery
    • specialty customized requests
    • other desired items & finishing touches

  • Furniture Space Planning: furniture placement is in locations to fit within the space. Also, lifestyle and convenience factors are a consideration.
  • Bespoke Interior Design Finishes: if you wish to have beautiful ornamental mouldings, wainscoting, built-ins or other features in your home, we arrange for them. Further, we take care of those decorative and practical finishes that you have always wanted.
  • Ordering & Tracking: we place all orders for the goods and services involved in your home decor styling. We follow-up with vendors to monitor their time of arrival. When the goods arrive, we check your order to ensure they are in proper condition. Also, we take care of all of the paperwork involved to validate pricing and terms of sale.
  • Delivery & Installation: we coordinate with you and suppliers to arrange for item delivery to your home. In addition, we schedule any installations, as necessary.
  • Exterior Spaces: we assist with making your outside area comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. To start, we plan and source furniture and specify layouts. Further, we recommend additional features that help to complete your outdoor space.

This Option is Perfect if You:

  • have become tired thinking about completing your own home interiors.
  • avoid entertaining as you believe your home is not at its best.
  • also have limited available time that you prefer to use elsewhere rather than decorating your home.
  • appreciate luxurious interior decoration and know you deserve it.
  • likewise, believe your lifestyle needs a more livable home interior.
  • in addition, you wish to fully use all of your rooms in your home.
complete home styling & decorating

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