Finishes Selection

Residential & Commercial Properties

Deciding on interior finishes can be complex, as the degree of choice in texture, colour and material is quite overwhelming! Keeping in mind the style and look of the space that is to be achieved has a great deal to do with the finishes that are selected.

Commercial Properties

  • Selecting flooring, cabinetry, tile and countertops suited to the business interior.
  • Choosing ceiling and wall light fixtures of a suitable style and size.
  • Incorporating brand colours, designs and textures.

Our Finishes Selection will make any commercial interior reflect its brand and make it stand apart.

The choices of commercial interior finishes are numerous. This can make decisions difficult as there needs to be consideration given to the overall design intent.

We offer interior finishes selection for commercial spaces under 3,000 sq. ft.

We take into consideration the style of the interior and the type of business in addition to how the space will be used.

Residential Properties

  • Obtaining a second opinion about other interior finishes in relation to your home style.
  • Selecting appropriate cabinetry and related finishes.
  • Determining appliances, hardware, sinks and faucets will suit your interior style and finishes.
  • Selecting countertops and tiling (backsplash).
  • Deciding on flooring choices that are most suitable for your lifestyle and decor.
  • Selecting light fixtures to coordinate together and are a suitable style and size.

An informed opinion about selecting your interior finishes can be very beneficial.  

The number of interior finish choices together with the need for them to coordinate with the overall interior style, is essential.  We make the selections to ensure the best outcome for your home interiors.