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As a builder or contractor, you know that creating any space is complex. Our Home Builder Services help with the interior design aspect of your project. We bring our style for interior design to make your project different. Above all, our designer view will bring a sense of harmony and unity. Similarly, the selection of colours and interior finishes will not look like so many other of your competitors projects. We work to make it look like your unique project!

In addition, as the builder or contractor you will find that help with the design finishes of your project will free-up your valuable time. Therefore, you can spend your time in however way that you need to. This flexibility will also give your space to address the management aspects of your project.

Our design collaboration and team-minded approach will give your projects a fresh, third party style perspective that will make your project different from your competitors as well as your own. Discover our various home builder services below.

As a home builder or contractor, you will appreciate that we:

  • view our role as complementing your building and renovation efforts.
  • possess a “working together” approach to design decisions.
  • recognize this is your client and we are just one part of your design team.
  • are flexible and very patient as budgets, client preferences and deadlines change.
  • work diligently to stay on budget.
  • have the ability to read blueprints, floor plans, colour boards.
  • respect you as the project manager.
  • always conduct ourselves in a professional and ethical manner.
  • are service oriented as possible through providing prompt service. Further, we assist you in finding solutions quickly and easily.

Colour & Finishes Consultation

The coordinated selection of finishes will make any interior result in a more

professional put-together look.

Similarly, our assistance in choosing paint colours and wallpaper gives any interior a coordinated style.

Do you need to make choices about your interior finishes with you builder, but could use another opinion to make sure it is in keeping with your intended style and decor?

Consider having us help – SEE HOW

Virtual Home Staging & Design

Staging can help to realize the maximum return on any property.

Our virtual staging service is an easy, flexible and inexpensive solution to show off any property.

Let us show you how – DETAILS

Home Exterior Decorating Service

Are you a landscape designer responsible for a functional and design-pretty outside environment for your client?

We can assist you with making their outside areas comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Let us help with specifying exterior finishes and colours.

Also, we can plan and source furniture, specify layouts and recommend accessories to complete their outdoors. SEE MORE

Art Consulting

Are you involved with a client interior project that just needs that extra item to make it standout?

Our answer: acquire original art.

We offer a collaborative opportunity to work with you to find the art work that best compliments your project.

In addition, we your client will appreciate that extra feature that you brought to their home interior! DETAILS

home builder services