Your Style Interior Design legal terms and conditions for any of our Service Offerings. You understand that the design fees for any of our Service Offerings are non-refundable.

You concur and understand that your responsibility is to furnish the information as requested by Your Style Interior Design in order for us to create your Design, Decor & Styling. You further acknowledge that the information that you provide is accurate and to the best of your knowledge as you recognize that the Decor & Styling Services rely on this information. You understand that some of our Service Offerings will be delivered to you via email or a private page or the Design Client Access Portal located at Your Style Interior Design website. You understand that there is no face-to-face meeting or interaction if you choose to partake of remote, online virtual style and decor services that that everything will be implemented by you.

Your Style Interior Design is not responsible for the implementation and execution of the décor and styling concepts that are provided. Some of our Service Offerings are intended to start your interiors project(s) and may or may not meet all of your needs for particular project(s). You enter into some of our Service Offerings with the understanding that we are providing you with a style and decor plan that will require you to purchase, coordinate with vendors the items that we specify in your shopping list.  Know that once we deliver the plan to you, we have fully satisfied our agreement and we are no longer required to interact with you and we are released from any further obligations.

Your Style Interior Design will supply instructions for you to take measurements for the space to be design, but you are responsible to provide accurate dimensions. You also are required to taken digital photos of your space(s) and they need to be forwarded to us. The digital photos need to be of a reasonable quality so we may discern your interior space.

Your Style Interior Design is not responsible for the means, methods or procedures of construction, fabrication, delivery and installation or safety precautions related to our Service Offerings nor are we responsible for the acts or omissions of any contractor, subcontractor, supplier or other person that you decide to help you implement or execute your Styling / Decor Plan; this includes any of their failures in terms of their skills, professionalism, inability to meet your schedule or completion dates.

As deemed appropriate, Your Style Interior Design will provide links for suggested products and/or services for your project or we may connect you with a third-party vendor. However, we assume no responsibility or liability for your purchasing experience with any of them and we recommend that you commence your own due diligence in terms of reviewing their policies and products and/or services before you commit to purchase or engage in a business transaction with them.

Your Style Interior Design will in certain circumstances provide a specific manufacturer item and /or product number that will give you the option to find the product on your own to determine the best pricing or simply to use as a reference when shopping from local vendors.

Note the requirement for completion of our Client Design Profile and Home Styling & Decor Questionairre, after receipt of payment, is so Your Style Interior Design can as precisely as possible, work to specify products and sources that are within the best interest of you and your project.

All interior décor items are available through local or online retailers and know that we have no control over their inventory, availability or changes in pricing. Therefore, if you find items are discontinued, back-ordered or the price has increased at the time of your order, then you are responsible to find suitable replacements.

Your Style Interior Design provides rooms, interior and furniture layouts that are intended for general purposes and to communicate the finished design, therefore they are not intended for construction purposes. Note that all measurements of the interior space should be verified before furniture or fixtures are purchased and this is your responsibility. You are also responsible to ensure that your purchases will fit through the doorways, hallways and entrance ways of your home and that delivery personnel have access to your home at the times you arrange with them.

Your Style Interior Design reserves the right to use any project drawings, images or layouts for promotional purposes, but we will honour our client privacy and never disclose names, addresses or other personal information.

Should any disputes arise from any of our Service Offerings, then both parties shall commit to arbitration according to the laws of the Province of Alberta. Note that both parties shall be responsible for their own costs and the result of the arbitration process is final.

Virtual Styling & Decor Service

This service is for online style, décor and design consulting and is known as E-Design or Virtual Styling & Decor. You understand that some prior knowledge is required in how to use a measuring tape, take digital photos and have access to and feel comfortable with your basic computer skills are all necessary in order to facilitate your part of the process.

Your Style Interior Design allows for one revision of your project, if requested within 16 days of our delivery of your final design. Any additional requests for changes beyond the 16 days, will be charged an hourly design fee of $ 197.00 / hour.   Your Style Interior Design also offer complimentary email support relating to any questions that you have concerning your virtual E-Design package for 14 days following your full acceptance of the design plan.

Other Styling & Decorating Services

It is your responsibility to ensure that all interior items that you order will fit your space as we base our interior choices on the digital photos and interior dimensions that you provide. Once we have made your interior selections, we will send you the dimensions for each piece. It is your responsibility to ensure that each piece that we select will fit into your home and through doorways, stairwells, etc.; you have 24 hours to confirm with us that the pieces will fit and to indicate if those that do not, if any.


The information, products and services provided by Your Style Interior Design on this site and all content otherwise are on an “as is” basis. The intent for their use and application is for educational purposes and to assist the purchaser/user in becoming more knowledgeable in the managing, viewing and having a perspective on their design, art and other related matters. No other warranty or claim of suitability for any other purpose is claimed.

Your Style Interior Design will not be responsible for the correctness of results, the application of this information for any other application, integration and use therein. Likewise, any consequences that may arise from its use are not the responsibility of Your Style Interior Design.  The processes, activities and mindsets as outlined are strictly of the opinion of Your Style Interior Design and by no means constitute a single authority. The background, understanding and interpretation of the purchaser/user may impact results in their application and Your Style Interior Design cannot be held responsible for these results.