Reviews & Comments

"Your idea to incorporate a black board wall for our children's area was a wonderful idea.  I liked your approach, as you allowed us to take part in the colour selection and decoration.  Having narrowed down the appropriate finishes and several colours helped to guide us in the right direction. "  K.M.
"You helped me to see that being able to view the picturesque scenery through the windows and french doors are a must in my interior!"  C. McLean

"You did a good job describing our interior space and how the colours, textures and materials work together to create your design and you clearly understand that often we (the client) relies on the designer to help us make the right choices. "  Corrisha M.
"Thanks so much! The information and guidance that you provided was so clear and helpful that I do think you are doing a great job of this!”  Best, Margaret
"You have good ideas about how to think in a more organized way with my redesign - and your help was invaluable!"  Melanie
“We had the privilege of learning a lot from you.  Your professionalism and understanding of us was greatly impressive and your dedication too was evident . . . I willingly recommend you.” Brian
"Thank you for all the information and direction!" Rijan
“Many thanks for your help, in showing me what I needed to know to make decisions . . . and your continual professionalism” Richard
"Many thanks for your décor help." Mary
“Thank you for all your help in getting me through the rough terrain of our interior. I truly appreciate your poise and composure and I am greatly appreciative.”  R.K.
"Thank you Shantel - I certainly found your services helpful and useful." Cheers Ben
"Thank you for everything I have learned about design and I appreciate your kindness, and look forward for more to come. " Koiwu