The Style & Decor Features that All Luxury Homes Tend to Display

Everyone strives to have a home that is comfortable and that suits their lifestyle in the ways they wish to live. However, to go beyond that is to have a luxury home – one that is truly tailored to your tastes and exemplifies your best home interior.

To create your version of a luxury interior, consider the following 10 Style & Decor Features that All Luxury Homes Tend to Display:

Feature 1.

There are always pieces that are timeless rather than trendy. The best part about this approach is decor is aligned with the homeowners personal style, and they always seem in fashion – there is no need to be always chasing trends.

Feature 2.

The spaces always possess a sense of balance and proportion – nothing is too big or too small. This equilibrium provides a sense of relaxed calmness that isn’t over-the-top, but also isn’t dull.

Feature 3.

There is at least one bold element presented to make the space standout. It could be a piece of sculpture or an aquarium, maybe a vintage piece with a history.

Feature 4.

Luxury spaces always present custom window finishes that all fit properly and coordinate with the space. They also flatter the overall decor and become the framework for the entire room.

Feature 5.

There is always at least one custom finish is prominent such as, wallpaper, plaster or a mosaic.

Feature 6.

Art is always presented and it is selected in the right size and scale. It is also hung and framed correctly. Any interior can be substantially enhanced with the presence of art.

Feature 7.

There are layered accessories that make a room feel put together, but not too much to make it feel cluttered. If there are too many, the room is overwhelmed but if too few – the spaces do not look or feel finished.

Feature 8.

Often high-end fabrics can bring an aesthetic that is not achieved in other ways. Sumptuous chenilles, satins, linens and velvet combined with colour variants can create a look and feel that is not easily replicated.

Feature 9.

Usually a few custom upholstery pieces make the space unique from any other home and give it that high-end appeal. This look can also be achieved by purchasing one-of-a-kind antiques or accent pieces that create the feeling of exclusivity.

Feature 10.

To implement any or all of these style and decor attributes into your home will fulfill your idea of a luxury home that you are sure to be happy with.

Above all: Luxury spaces have a feeling of completeness. They make the rooms and spaces appear elevated well beyond furniture and fixtures.

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