Virtual Interior Design Consultation

Virtual interior design has become another convenient option for homeowners to achieve the designer interiors they desire. We help you to achieve a beautiful and comfortable home interior, all from the convenience of your home! The fun part is it allows you to be your own project manager and together with our support, you can enhance and improve a specific part of your home interior with the style and decor that you wish!

Virtual Interior Design Example

How Virtual Interior Design & Decorating will Help You

While we cannot style and decorate your entire home in one Virtual Interior Design Consultation session, you can begin with one of the following:

  • Organizing your thoughts about what you have in mind for a particular space.
  • Helping you to focus on the decor & style for a specific room or space. For example, your home office or child’s room used for play and study.
  • Discussing how to create a nurturing feeling in your home.
  • Selecting paint colours to enhance your space.
  • Making choices that reflect your style and decor preferences.
  • Deciding what to do with your existing home furnishings.
  • Helping with coordinating recent purchases into your decor.
  • Selecting art and deciding where to place it.
  • Considering type of accessories that will bring your space together.
  • Providing guidance with your home decor online shopping choices.
  • Discovering answers to your decor and style questions.
  • . . . to name only a few!

How it Works

To start, email us at: style{at}yourstyleinteriordesign{dot}ca or leave us a message at 780.902.7720.

Simply tell us your name and phone number and a little bit about your project.

We will email you back within 24 hours.

Does this Describe You?

  • have a few decorating ideas, but are not sure what to do next.
  • wish to start addressing the lack of style & coordinated decoration in your home.
  • know where to shop, but you don’t know how to put everything together.
  • appreciate good, quality interior decor but are not sure how to start.
  • believe that you are not using all the space in your home. It feels unfinished and partially unused!
  • want to work with a designer/decorator, but would like to “try it a little” firsthand, before committing to your entire home.
  • think of yourself as a possible Do-It-Yourself decorating personality, but are unsure.

Our convenient Virtual Interior Design Consultation service allows you to be your own design project manager & together with our support you will have the home interiors you truly want.

Whether you like what’s currently trending or you prefer a look & style from the past, we will help you to achieve what you desire.

Enjoy maximum flexibility in that you can start with one room at a time and then, at your convenience, you may work towards completing all of your rooms and spaces.

You virtually can live anywhere in Canada and still access this professional service!

Looking for home decorating ideas?

The convenience of virtual interior design will truly make a difference to your interior project.