Your Style Quiz

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To understand your style If you understand a little more about your personal style, it will help you with your designing and decorating.

Take this fun and engaging 7-question quiz that will help you discern “your decorating style.”

1. What would be an ideal vacation for you?

  1. A tour of some of the stately manors and gardens of England
  2. A safari in Africa or India?
  3. A Yoga/Spa retreat in Costa Rica
  4. A week at your own cabin retreat
  5. A nature trek in the Amazon or the Grand Canyon
  6. A week in a villa in Bali
  7. A trip to British Columbia or Ontario’s wine country

2. Which type of clothing appeals to you the most?

  1. A couture dress or a custom-made suit
  2. A decorative blouse or vintage shirt paired with a designer skirt or trousers
  3. A chic linen dress in a neutral color or a comfortable cotton sweater and pants
  4. Khaki pants or button-down blouse or shirt
  5. Jeans and a t-shirt
  6. Something from a high-end designer like Prada, Marc Jacobs, or Ann Demeulemeester
  7. A v-neck sweater and a classic skirt or pants

3. How would you most enjoy spending a free evening?

  1. At a classical concert, followed by dinner at a romantic french bistro
  2. Listening to jazz music, followed by dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant
  3. Listening to a lecture on Tibetan spirituality, followed by dinner at a quiet sushi place or whole foods restaurant
  4. Staying at home with family and friends, ordering in, and watching hockey or a movie on television
  5. Dinner and drinks on an open-air terrace at a waterside restaurant, preferably one that serves organic food
  6. Attending an art opening, followed by dinner and drinks with friends at the latest hotspot in town
  7. Dinner with family at the local steak-and-lobster restaurant after an afternoon game of volleyball or other sport

4. If you had an hour or two to yourself, how would you be most likely to spend your time?

  1. Attending a wine-and-cheese tasting event
  2. Visiting an Asian antique shop
  3. Taking a yoga class or getting a massage
  4. Watching television
  5. Going for a hike in the mountains or walking along the beach
  6. Shopping at a designer boutique or high-end electronics store
  7. Reading the newspaper or a good book

5. Which one of the following furnishings or accents appeals to you the most?

  1. A French Regency desk
  2. A Moroccan side table
  3. A comfortable chair upholstered in neutral-colored linen
  4. An old trunk that could double as a coffee table
  5. A sisal or jute rug
  6. A mid-20th-century Italian chandelier
  7. A round pedestal dining table and Windsor chairs

6. Which one of the following structures appeals to you the most?

  1. A French chateau
  2. An Italian farmhouse
  3. A Japanese teahouse
  4. A cottage
  5. A beach house
  6. A contemporary home
  7. An English country house

7. If you had $5000 to spend on anything for your home, what would it be?

  1. Some very fine wine and a sterling silver champagne bucket
  2. A designer carpet or new piece of furniture
  3. A landscape painting or a soothing work of abstract art
  4. Some new kitchen appliances or built-in cabinets
  5. An outdoor fireplace, grill, or patio furniture
  6. A flat screen television
  7. New bed linens, possibly an antique side table or an addition to a collection of transfer ware, plus a few household repairs or upgrades, such as painting the walls or power-washing the deck

Now, what do your responses tell about your style?

If three or more of your answers were 1’s, you are likely to be the most content in Sophisticated Surroundings

If three or more of your answers were 2’s, you will probably feel most at ease in an Eclectic Environment

If three or more of your answers were 3’s, you will probably be drawn to a Serene Retreat

If three or more of your answers were 4’s, chances are you’ll want to live in a Comfortable Haven

If three or more of your answers were 5’s, you’re likely to seek out a Natural Abode

If three or more of your answers were 6’s, the best home for you is probably a Bold Domain

If three or more of your answers were 7’s, the ideal home for you is likely to be a Welcoming Home

If your answers indicate that you are drawn to two or more different styles, you can certainly combine the two looks to suit your tastes or just choose one of the styles.

Now its your turn to apply your home interior style.